Commercial Project

Main counter

The main counter is the centerpiece of the space, combining warmth with an urban edge through meticulous craftsmanship and a blend of Sunlit Oak and Anthracite Slate decor, while LED backlighting adds a captivating ambiance.
Crafted from laminated panels in Sunlit Oak decor by Swiss Krono and accents of Dark Concrete by Egger.
Front Panels:
Upper cabinets feature „Biscuit Oak” laminated panels, adding warmth and character, while the overhead cabinets and pillar showcase laminated panels in shades of blue for a pop of color
A 38mm laminated featuring a seamless blend of Sunlit Oak and Anthracite Slate decor.
High-quality BLUM drawer slides and hinges and fittings ensure smooth and reliable operation.
Enhance the ambiance with integrated LED lighting, complete with a dimmer switch for customizable illumination.
Additional features:
Front panels exhibit a rustic charm with wood-like laminate in Oak decor.
Barn doors add an industrial touch.

Lattice Walls

Elegantly dividing the dining area, lattice walls create distinct zones while maintaining an open and airy feel, seamlessly integrating with the overall design and adding depth to the space.

Elegantly divide the dining area.
Create distinct zones while maintaining an open and airy feel.
Constructed with slat panels mirroring the Oak decor of the front panels.
Seamlessly integrate with the overall design.
Add depth and dimension to the space.


Offering a stylish and comfortable seating option, the sofa is crafted with a sturdy substructure and upholstered in sumptuous bottle green fabric, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere for patrons to relax and enjoy their dining experience.

Offer a harmonious blend of style and comfort.
Crafted with a sturdy substructure.
Upholstered in sumptuous bottle green fabric.
Black laminated lower base provides a striking contrast.
Backrest, ingeniously made from glued quarter logs onto plywood, offers ergonomic support.
Seat, padded with premium foam and upholstered in the same bottle green fabric, ensures a cozy seating experience for patrons.